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We are delighted to showcase our full range which is designed to stimulate learning & enhance teaching. Whether you are a stockist, a school or nursery, or a parent - please contact us for further information on how and where to buy.

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Castle Builder Set

Product Code: 72624


Build one of many different castles layouts using the components in this imposing castle builder set. With its castellated walls and drawbridge it recreates a time when Kings ruled the land and knights fought with valour and honour.

The set includes over 40 components to build 4 large towers (300mm tall) and 2 smaller turrets, which can be connected into a fortress via slotted pieces in numerous different ways. The ramparts connect the towers together and the castellated walls provide the fortification to make the castle complete. Also included are 2 ladders, a drawbridge and 2 tower doors providing storage, a dungeon or secret hideaway.

The set is big and imposing enabling children to interact and to play with their castle or fantasy characters. Pieces simply slot together and clever locking platforms enable the towers to be built and locked as units for easy building if required. The set comes with full building instructions and ideas for different layouts. The set is made from untreated MDF and can be painted by the user if required.

Tower height 300mm. 40 pieces. 3+

Castle Builder Set

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