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Commotion Distribution sells high quality innovative educational products wholesale to school suppliers all over the world. 

We are delighted to showcase our full range which is designed to stimulate learning & enhance teaching. Whether you are a stockist, a school or nursery, or a parent - please contact us for further information on how and where to buy.

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LED Light Box & Optical Set

Product Code: 48227


Comprehensive light and optics set which includes a 3 beam Ray Box (each beam available in dual colours – white or red) and an array of lenses and prisms, teacher’s notes and 9 pupil work cards. The set is an ideal accompaniment to any advanced study of light and optics with experiments to show refraction and reflection through various shaped prisms and lenses, the splitting of light into the rainbow colours, how internal reflection is used in fibre optic cables and the appropriate lenses to use to correct long and short sightedness.

Supports KS3 Science in the National Curriculum

Includes clear, concise teacher’s notes and separate work cards, providing a course to follow. Suitable for children from 8 years. 3 x AAA batteries required.

LED Light Box & Optical Set

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