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Commotion Distribution sells high quality innovative educational products wholesale to school suppliers all over the world. 

We are delighted to showcase our full range which is designed to stimulate learning & enhance teaching. Whether you are a stockist, a school or nursery, or a parent - please contact us for further information on how and where to buy.

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Rainmaker Set

Product Code: 39230

Investigate how we can help nature and protect the environment by learning about the water cycle in a hands on way.

The Rainmaker water cycle simulator is simple to set up and operate. Choose whether to fill the ocean with fresh water, salt water, diluted vinegar or any other safe "pollutant". Load the cloud with ice and switch on a lamp. The water cycle will begin and rain will fall over the hills and run into the rivers and lake before flowing into the sea. The rain is not melted ice, which is self-contained. The Rainmaker lid remains clear enabling the water cycle to be observed.

The instructions provide full details for quickly and easily making safe organic indicators. Raindrops, rivers, lake and sea can then be tested to determine whether they are neutral, acid or alkaline. Experiments can be conducted using food colouring or brown sugar as "pollutants".

Investigate: -
The water cycle
Acid rain
Evaporation and condensation
Fresh water from salt water
How materials change

Approx L:500mm. Full teacher’s notes, with experiments and instructions are included. Lamp required.
Product video coming soon.

Rainmaker Set

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