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Welcome to our website! 

Commotion Distribution sells high quality innovative educational products wholesale to school suppliers all over the world. 

We are delighted to showcase our full range which is designed to stimulate learning & enhance teaching. Whether you are a stockist, a school or nursery, or a parent - please contact us for further information on how and where to buy.

Tel: +44 (0)1732 225821

Talking Tubes - Communication through the airways!

Talking Tubes, one of our best-selling products – 2 colourful handsets joined by 3 metres of bright yellow flexible hose to encourage children to communicate with each other inside or out. 


Talking Tubes are ideal for improving listening and social skills in young children and great fun to use under tables, behind sofas or in the garden around shrubs or trees.

Also available is the Talking Tubes Extension Set with additional tubing and connectors.

Used alongside the Talking Tubes Starter set it allows conversations to take place over a distance of up to 9 metres, making them brilliant for top secret communications in the woods, larger garden hideouts or between rooms. In addition are the Forest Phones which are great for active youngsters: with 2 camouflage handsets and 5 metres of green tubing they are excellent for role play, on a nature ramble and when out camping.

They are waterproof and strong enough to be buried under topsoil, bark chippings or sand, threaded through bushes or used in a garden playhouse. Additional sets for larger groups of children are also available, visit our website for more details on these and browse our wide range of other educational toys and resources: 

Over the past 30 years, Commotion Distribution, a privately owned UK company based in Kent, has gained an international reputation for the innovation and design of open-ended educational products and resources. Boasting a 200 page catalogue with over 500 educational trade lines for children aged from birth to 11 years of age we now sell to over 80 countries worldwide.