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Commotion Distribution sells high quality innovative educational products wholesale to school suppliers all over the world. 

We are delighted to showcase our full range which is designed to stimulate learning & enhance teaching. Whether you are a stockist, a school or nursery, or a parent - please contact us for further information on how and where to buy.

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WordWand™ is a innovative way to help children to learn new words, to learn words in a foreign language and for children whose first language is not English to learn new English words. Being a recordable device, it is completely open-ended and can be set at any level to suit the ability of the children who are using it. 

At the heart of the product is a handset called a WordWand™ which stores 10 new words (these are recorded to the WordWand by the practitioner, teacher or parent). These 10 new words are linked to 10 Pods which can contain a picture, a written word, a numeral or phrase. The WordWand calls out each word at random and the child has to listen and then find the matching word by touching the WordWand to the Pod showing the correct word, picture or number. 

The WordWand set comes with 100 picture cards which have a photograph of an object on one side and the word associated with the object on the other side. There are also 50 blank cards to create your own resources.

Included in the set is a comprehensive guide that highlights opportunities to support children’s learning and suggestions for a range of different and inspiring games to play. Children can play individually or in small collaborative groups.  For the adult there is a control panel concealed within the lid of the device which enables them to control the time available to find the words, set the number of words to be found (5 or 10) and to adjust the speaker volume.

The WordWand extension packs are the ideal way to learn modern foreign languages and expand on high frequency English words, these include: